It has to be Monday

This morning I was tired and having a hard rtime getting up.  When the alarm went off at first I couldn’t understand why iy was going off on Sunday.  Then I realized it actually is Monday.  Mrs. Awesome jumped up and brought me coffee in bed cause she is just that kind of awesome.]

After I get up and knock out a few small chores.  Honestly, I won’t be able to sit at my desk all day knowing there is even one dirty dish in the sink.  So I knock that out, make Mrs. Awesome lunch and try to get my own day rolling.

And I am feeling it this morning.  My notorious right foot is having a time.  The big toe is bent backwards almost to the breaking point.  You can see bones and swelling and the rest of my toes try to keep on curling under further and further with no room left to go.

And the left side of my neck is already starting to have little spikes.  Days like today are when it is now good I am working from home.  As this morning wears on, it seems like I am going downhill by the minute.  My hands are starting to go and from the pain in my neck, it is pulling to the right.  Which is making facial tics on the right hand side.  I used to try so hard to hide the facial tics more than anything, and now I can relax knowing no one will see them

This is going to be a wild day and it pisses me off enough that to fight back I want to go to the gym and go for a run.


About thejollyrunner

There's so much and so little time. The two most important things to know is I suffer from a condition caused Generalized Dystonia and that I love to run. Ironically, two things that don't mix are what now defines me. I have a whole variety of other interests such as my long standing devotion to the Texas Rangers. I am also quite the hunter, fisher, and all around outdoorsman. If I had more time and less dystonia pains, I would fit in more gardening, home improvement, and probably some amatuer astronomy. And lastly, while my life is regrettably being slowed down from the dystonia, I am trying my hand at writing. I have a lot of ideas and it would be nice to see if I have what it takes to create some works worthy of publsihing.
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