It’s Friday and we need to get happy

So I am trying to get super happy hyper funk going on this morning.  Ya know, gotta get psyched up just to make it through today. She walks into the living room loooking at me rather annoyed and asks why it is so loud.  Super hyper happy funk Friday.

And she doesn’t seem to appreciate the happy hyper vibe from the Red Hot Chili Peppers.  I jacked up my toe yesterday running.  I’m so tired I feel like I could sleep for days.  Yes, I need a pick me up that only the Chili Peppers can bring to those who understand it.

Hell with it, I’ll just keep on playing it


About thejollyrunner

There's so much and so little time. The two most important things to know is I suffer from a condition caused Generalized Dystonia and that I love to run. Ironically, two things that don't mix are what now defines me. I have a whole variety of other interests such as my long standing devotion to the Texas Rangers. I am also quite the hunter, fisher, and all around outdoorsman. If I had more time and less dystonia pains, I would fit in more gardening, home improvement, and probably some amatuer astronomy. And lastly, while my life is regrettably being slowed down from the dystonia, I am trying my hand at writing. I have a lot of ideas and it would be nice to see if I have what it takes to create some works worthy of publsihing.
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