This roller coaster needs to go up not further down

Today after work I was trying to catch up on what began as a minor home improvement project. It had started simple but due to outside factors was taking longer than it should have. There was a brick skirting to the front oft house which was falling apart. Mrs. Awesome and I are trying to replace with a nicer looking faux rock solution much better than the dilapidated brick.
The project should have moved faster but due to my dystonia and summer in Texas it was moving slow. Then the city inspector sees our unfinished project and decides we need to comply with 2012 building codes. Do you have any idea what kind of ingenuity it takes to make 2012 code work on a house built in 1958? It’s a lot!
And only for the tiny piece we are doing. The entire rest of the house is out of code except a 2 foot high strip in front. So today being cooled down I was going to try and catch up on the work.
I was setting the plywood backing up and nailing it in place which should be no major feat. While working with the first piece I had those electric shock pains again. This time from a new place. They started in my neck and down across my shoulder blades. I just thought to myself how things are getting worse and you gotta suck it up and keep going.
I kept going and then I felt whole forearm tense. And it was weird because it was my left arm and usually my right leg is the one experiencing the major spasm like that. I kept at it anyway. Eventually from the elbow down I was affected.
I’ve never been brought to a standstill before this. I have just persevered through whatever came. I’m that guy who bought a ” fixer upper” foreclosure just for the challenge of fixing it up. And dystonia is now winning the war against me. I am being humbled by my own body. I am no longer the invincible man to rise to every challenge.
Doing things because I had the will and determination were what drove me. And now I sit hear with an arm throbbing all the way to my shoulder and I don’t know who I am to become


About thejollyrunner

There's so much and so little time. The two most important things to know is I suffer from a condition caused Generalized Dystonia and that I love to run. Ironically, two things that don't mix are what now defines me. I have a whole variety of other interests such as my long standing devotion to the Texas Rangers. I am also quite the hunter, fisher, and all around outdoorsman. If I had more time and less dystonia pains, I would fit in more gardening, home improvement, and probably some amatuer astronomy. And lastly, while my life is regrettably being slowed down from the dystonia, I am trying my hand at writing. I have a lot of ideas and it would be nice to see if I have what it takes to create some works worthy of publsihing.
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