Generalized Dystonia explanation

Dystonia is a movement disorder and the most severe form is Generalized Dystonia.  The disorder can take numerous simpler localized forms known as focal Dystonias. Cervical Dystonia affecting the neck and shoulders is the most common form of Dystonia.  Generalized is a less common form but can include any of the focal Dystonias at any given time.

Although Generalized Dystonia typically appears in childhood, it can occur at any time.  The symptoms typically start in one limbs and progress.  The rate of progression varies among all individuals.  The condition is painful as continuous spasms occur with moderate to sever tremors.  This leads to other symptoms such as restlessness, difficulty sleeping, and stress.  Depression also occurs due to the constant pain and adapting to a progression disability.

Generalized Dystonia is also referred by various other names.  Early Onset Dystonia is the most common reference as Generalized typically occurs in childhood.  Dopa Responsive Dystonia is also a fairly common name.  Other names include Torsion Dystonia and occasionally Jewish Torsion Dystonia as this form is predominant among the Ashkenazi Jewish population.  There are various descrip.tive names given and most relate to the specific symptoms.

In some cases, medications such Levadopa can control symptoms, but in extreme cases can lead to complete disability.  Typically treatment begins with a combination of Levadopa and either Klonopin or Baclofen.  If medications have no affect or become ineffective over time, there are alternative treatments such as deep brain stimulation surgery

2 Responses to Generalized Dystonia explanation

  1. have been reading your blog, it has been truly inspirational! It was also nice to read that the symptoms, such as numbness and inability to move fingers, that i have been experiencing are nothing to panic about.


    • it’s not easy being us, and all the craziness we deal with. But we just have to push, avoid the stares, and make the most out of our lives. I try to make light of things a lot just for us with dystonia


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