Summer Riding

It’s Texas. It gets hot. Not the mild summers where most people picture where you get a week of ninety degrees. Picture three months where it doesn’t get below ninety. Not just hot, but if you leave small pets in a vehicle, they have been known to explode. This isn’t some level of Hell from Dante’s Inferno, it’s time to go out and play.

Playing in summertime is when it’s time to break out the bike out and hit road. Lucky for the natives, Texas isn’t what comes to mind as a bike riding Heaven. And let’s keep it that way because the trails are overcrowded as it is. We are quiet about it and have more trails than just about any other state.

When I’m out, I’m in some way always the oddball on the trail. I don’t give a rats ass about all the proper wicking clothing, correct shoes, any of that. I know you uppity snobs spend more on your bike than I spent on my truck, but I am probably having more fun than you. I hit roads or trails, have no concern about safety other than cars, and could care less about wearing a helmet.

If you’re thinking about lecturing me about wearing a helmet, please hold your breath. Keep holding it, keep holding it. Thanks for passing out. Now, those who left should understand I have no plan on starting. I like the wind going through that little patch I still have up top. Even the memory of going over the handlebars and getting roadrash isn’t a deterrent. Trust me when I say nothing in existence is worse than wiping out and landing on the asphalt when it’s 107 outside. The newly opened wound will begin to burn rapidly if you are still laying there. It is normal to panic when you realize you are laying there cooking like being in a microwave.

The trails and roads we have can be extremely brutal for an outsider. But if you are a native, there is no harm looking into one of our many excellent riding opportunities.


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