This girl Kris

I have been slacking off lately in the running department. I have had too many competing interests all converging since the calendar rolled over to 2015. Today I met this girl and she was so awe inspiring I am reviewing my checklist of what is important in life.


Instead of running, I was volunteering at a small local race, the Haltom Stampede 5k. I was in the truck following the last runner and just past midway we meet Kris. All the walkers who were just out for a stroll had finally made it past her and I first saw her.
My heart dropped! I have had some tough runs and put myself through tougher training, but this girl was tough. We caught up to her on the one mild hill on the course and she looked so tired but determined. You could see her arms shaking and it was hard not to pull up and tell her she had done enough for it to count as crossing the finish line.
While my heart was aching to help her, I knew better. She didn’t sign up to fail. She didn’t sign up to finish first. She’s felt that calling of the finish line and is answering back with a roar.
When she came to the finish, the Haltom City CERT team (look up your nearest CERT group and go volunteer with incredible people) was all there cheering her across the finish. Our junior CERT members went and found her and crossed the finish line a second time with her. We all took pictures and most people said how incredible she was.
I got a picture with her just so I could post this. I didn’t say as much as everyone else after she finished because I was trying so hard to absorb it all. People have called me an inspiration and it always makes me happy deep down. And today, I met Kris who was more of an inspiration personally at 2:18 when she crossed the line than I ever will be.


About thejollyrunner

There's so much and so little time. The two most important things to know is I suffer from a condition caused Generalized Dystonia and that I love to run. Ironically, two things that don't mix are what now defines me. I have a whole variety of other interests such as my long standing devotion to the Texas Rangers. I am also quite the hunter, fisher, and all around outdoorsman. If I had more time and less dystonia pains, I would fit in more gardening, home improvement, and probably some amatuer astronomy. And lastly, while my life is regrettably being slowed down from the dystonia, I am trying my hand at writing. I have a lot of ideas and it would be nice to see if I have what it takes to create some works worthy of publsihing.
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